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Annual Report


Annual Report2016

Complete Document (66pages)
 PDF (13.2MB)


About THK (2pages)
 PDF (1.2MB)

Growth Strategies (2pages)
 PDF (2.7MB)

Consolidated Performance Overview (2pages)

 PDF (452KB)

To Our Stakeholders (5pages)
 PDF (985KB)

Business Review: Review by Geographic Regions (5pages)
 PDF (927KB)

Business Review: Review by Business Segment (3pages)
 PDF (1.1MB)

THK's Products (3pages)
 PDF (2.4MB)

Research and Development (2pages)
 PDF (1.1MB)

ESG: Environment and Society (2pages)
 PDF (797KB)

ESG: Corporate Governance (2pages)
 PDF (705KB)

Board of Directors (2pages)
 PDF (1.2MB)

Financial Section (30pages)
 PDF (3.2MB)

Corporate History (2pages)
 PDF (651KB)

Subsidiaries & Affiliate (1page)
 PDF (400KB)

Corporate Data (1page)
 PDF (437KB)

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