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Home Automation & Buildings

It is difficult for people living in an area with frequent earthquakes not to feel at least some anxiety. Our quake-absorbing "seismic isolator" technology is used in many homes to help ease these fears.

Quake-absorbing buildings

Quake-absorbing homes


To protect life and property from earthquakes 

There are two main types of anti-earthquake technology: "Quake resistance", which refers to strengthened columns, and using beams and walls designed to be resistant against quakes, and "seismic isolation" which are structures installed in foundations to absorb vibrations from the ground. If a building is directly connected to its foundations, it is also directly vulnerable to seismic vibrations. Seismic isolation structures are like a buffer that provides protection for the building. Illustrated are THK's quake-absorbing seismic isolation devices that use crossed LM Guides to greatly reduce the amount of vibration transmitted from the ground to the building above.

Products used

CLB linear rolling supports

CLB linear rolling supports

A seismic isolator with crossed LM Guides , CLB supports can bear the load of the house while moving freely in any direction according to the horizontal vibrations of the quake.

RDT viscous dampers

RDT viscous dampers

RDTs attenuate seismic energy using Ball Screws . These dampers are designed to absorb the force from rapid movement of houses and buildings.