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Linear Motor Actuators Model GLM10,15,20AP,25 (CE / UL)

 - Challenging the Boundaries of Higher Agility and Accuracy -  

THK introduces the high-speed Linear Motor Actuators: Model GLM 10,15,20AP,25
(UL Certificated & CE Marked)

Features of Model GLM 

  1. High speed.
  2. High acceleration / deceleration, superb conformity.
  3. High precision
  4. Long stroke
  5. Multi-sliders
  6. Clean and quiet operation 




GLM10,15,25 Catalog PDF file(7.80MB)

GLM20AP Catalog PDF file(1.99MB)

Order Catalogs 

Linear Motor Actuator Model GLM10, GLM15, GLM20AP, GLM25