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THK Isolation Module, model TGS

Module Structure

TGS module structure

Example of linked modules

Modules can be linked easily, and feature flat construction for high rigidity.

Example of linked modules

Bearing module Linking module

Bearing module

Bearing module

  • The module for supporting loads
  • Resilience and damping can be adjusted
    according to the load and place of installation.
  • Each module can support up to 750kgf.
  • The module for linking between bearing modules.

Module dimensions

Model Bearing module Linking module
Unit dimensions Bearing module unit dimensions Linking module unit dimensions
500 (W) x 500 (D) x 100 (H) mm 500 (W) x 500 (D) x 37 (H) mm
Maximum displacement ±250mm -
Bearing load Up to 750kgf per module -
Isolation direction Horizontal direction
Table mass Approximately 19kg Approximately 9kg