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X-Ray Testing Apparatus

Machine Tool Damage Detection Device

Visual Inspection Apparatus
Model No. KRF / LM Guide Model No. ES Model No. ES / Linear Bushing

KRF is used in the sample table and mobile portion of the CCD camera. Testing from any direction is possible by combining the unit with an R guide

By installing the compact ES in the surplus space of the tool magazine, damage to any tool can be detected without aff ecting tooling, even during processing. ES is used for the visual inspection apparatus equipped with a CCD camera. Low costs can be achieved by combining the apparatus with a Linear Bushing.
PCB Continuity Check System

Cytoscopy Unit

Model No. KRF Model No. KRF / USW  
The KRF is employed in the moving section of the probe. The use of this high-rigidity model enables this operation to be performed under adverse conditions and reduces cycle time.  The KRF is used in the chuck's vertical motion unit while the USW is usedin the traversing unit. The glass plates are highly fragile and must be handled with great care, making the high-rigidity KRF the logical choice.