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CSR Report

THK CSR Report 2011/2012

THK Group has followed up with the THK CSR Report 2011/2012, our fifth report. This provides a summary of the Group's activities and efforts in the area of corporate social responsibility.

This report is a communicative tool that will enable us to obtain vital feedback and further improve the quality of THK's business activities.

THK CSR Report 2011/2012
Download the entire report (2,510KB pdf)
Note: We have also divided the contents of this file into smaller files, which can be downloaded more quickly. Please refer to the list below. 


Index Contents
(PDF 83.2KB)
Coping with the Great East Japan Earthquake
(PDF 209KB)
The immediate aftermath
Headquarters backup system
To all who have lent a helping hand
Message from the top
(PDF 75.8KB)
Rebuilding Japan and THK’s contribution
The THK Group
(PDF 920KB)
The THK Group:Major locations
Feature section
(PDF 170KB)
Seeking a clean source of electric power
Protecting important assets during earthquakes
Management system
(PDF 146KB)
Corporate governance
Risk management and information security
Involvement in society
(PDF 456KB)

Together with our customers
Together with our shareholders,investors, and overseas customers
Together with our partner businesses
Together with our employees
Together with local communities
Harmony with the environment
(PDF 716KB)

Promoting energy conservation
Promoting environmental management
Environmental management system
Environmental impact: The big picture
Material conservation and zero emissions
Energy conservation and preventing global warming
Harmful substance controls
Green distribution
Third-party opinion
(PDF 60.6KB)
Professor Shinji Shimizu, D.Eng.
Precision Engineering Laboratory Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University


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