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Ball Spline with Integrated Ball Screw for Transmitting High Thrust Forces

With the DSP model, THK presents an innovative drive axis that combines an integrated mechanism consisting of a ball spline as linear motion guide and a ball screw, which serves as the driving force. This new development not only reduces the installation space required for guide and drive mechanisms, but also minimizes the effort required for device construction and assembly.

Keilwelle mit integriertem Kugelgewindetrieb

Image 1 Ball spline with integrated ball screw DSP


Advantages of the DSP model

  • Compact design: The integration of the ball spline as a linear guide and the ball screw as a drive significantly reduces the space requirement.
  • Reduced design effort: The simplified structure facilitates device construction and shortens assembly time.
  • High thrust: Thanks to the integrated structure, high thrust forces can be transmitted while ensuring smooth and quiet movements.

These features make the DSP model the ideal choice for applications that require high precision and reliability, such as presses, press-fitting machines and automatic assembly machines.

Pressing parts with DSP

Image 2 Pressing parts with DSP

Press with DSP

Image 3 Press with DSP

The DSP model is available with diameters ranging from 30 to 80 mm for constant axial loads from 1.6 to 48 kN. Maximum strokes up to 250 mm are possible. With the DSP model, THK sets a new standard in the development of drive technologies, offering its customers an efficient and powerful solution for demanding applications.

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