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Lubrication accessories

A range of products are available to provide good lubrication and ensure full sevice life.

Technical Support 

Lubrication amaccessories


Original Greases

Original Greases


THK offer a range of greases to provide suitable lubrication for a range of operating / environmental conditions.

[Model number]
AFA, AFB-LF, AFC, AFE-CA, AFF, AFG, AFJ, L100, L500, L700

Lubricating Tool

Lubricating Instrument Tool


This Grease Gun model is supplied as a kit with a range of interchangeable nozzles which allows lubricant to be applied to many products. It accommodates the 70 gram bellows grease cartridge.

[Model number]

Options for Lubrication

Options for Lubrication


These accessories are provided for fitting to the lubrication ports on our products to suit it's size and the method of lubrication.


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