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There's More to Supply Chain than Just Parts for Your Products
Your Supply Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Supplier
Innovations involving high-tech production technology and the "Internet of Things" have allowed manufacturers to stay competitive in the face of globalization, rising wages, valatile materials prices, and skilled-worker shortages. Yet many executives remain cautions about investing in new equipment, putting pressure on engineers and managers to build a clear business case for the allocation of funds and resources.
In Translating Techincal Details into Business Impact: 5 Essential KPIs, you will learn:
  • Which KPIs to include in the case for investment in new equipment.
  • Benchmarks to measure the efficiency of your operations.
  • How to present technical improvement in large scale business terms.
Engineering and production leaders are often the first to recognize the need for new equipment but often face a communication disconnect with business minded executives. Bridge that gap to ensure your organization remains competitive.