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N-CO5.3A Beyond Products: Purchasing Solutions

The Key to Solution Purchasing Across Your Organization
From the C-Suite to the Production Line: Empowering your Team to Think Beyond the Product
No matter your industry, cooperation between business units is an ever-increasing need. It's easy to have blinders on and ignore what is happening outside of your area of responsibility, especially when purchasing parts or materials. However, uniting your business processes across all departments can provide visibility that not only improves upon the products you are purchasing, but the solutions your organization is selling as well.

Beyond Products: Purchasing Solutions shares the impact you can have on your organization when thinking on a larger, solution-focused scale. Learn valuable insights including:
  • The importance of visibility across organizations when designing and purchasing components
  • The impact that purchasing has on your organization
  • The difference between products and solutions
Go beyond the product and think big. Learn how to implement solution purchasing in your organization today.