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Economy Series EG


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PC Setup Tool D-STEP

PC Setup Tool D-STEP

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  1.  Positioning Repeatability
    The low-lead feed screw drive element and built-in LM Guide element contribute to high positioning accuracy and stable repeat operation.
  2. Multi-Point Positioning, Grip Force Settings (Open/Close Speed Also Adjustable)
    With electric positioning control, 3 or more positioning points can be easily set without requiring stoppers. Various grip types are possible with the configurable grip force. (Grip force can be sustained even when the power is shut off during retention.)
  3. Multi-Surface Mounting
    The body can be mounted on 4 surfaces, with reference holes that enable easy repeat positioning when attaching/removing.It realizes thickness reduction and weight reduction while being able to apply loads in any directions including radial load, axial load, and moment load adopting a cross-roller ring for the rotation part.