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Product Development

A brief outline of THK's history, including major turning points and product timelines.

70's 1971 Ball Spline Ball Spline  
1971 Link Ball Link Ball  
1972 LM Guide LM Guide  
1979 Precision Ball Screw Precision Ball Screw  
80's 1982 Cross-Roller Ring Cross-Roller Ring  
1983 Large Lead Rolled Ball Screw Large Lead Rolled Ball Screw  
90's 1990 LM Guide Actuator LM Guide Actuator  
1990 XY Stage XY Stage 
1992 R Guide R Guide  
1993 Cross LM Guide Cross LM Guide  
1996 Caged Ball LM Guide Caged Ball LM Guide  
1997 Linear Motor Actuator Linear Motor Actuator 
1999 Alignment Stage CMX Alignment Stage CMX 
00's 2001 Caged Roller LM Guide Caged Roller LM Guide  
2003 Curve / Straight Guide Curve / Straight Guide  
2003 Caged Ball LM Guide Actuator Caged Ball LM Guide Actuator  
2004 Micro LM Guide Micro LM Guide

Caged Ball Cross LM Guide

Caged Ball Cross LM Guide  
2004 Rod Actuator Rod Actuator  
2006 LM Actuator Model GL-N LM Actuator Model GL-N
2007 Limited-stroke LM Guide Model EPF Limited-stroke LM Guide Model EPF 
2008 Oil-Free LM Guide for Special Environments Oil-Free LM Guide for Special Environments