Need it in a hurry? The precision ball screws and support units you need can be delivered quickly, with a few simple clicks. Precision Ball Screw + Support Unit 【6-25 mm shaft diameter】
Set the stroke(mm) + Select the shape of the shaft end + Select the support unit
Stroke, Shaft end, Support units Support units Choose from two types of support units: the fixed base type and the wall-mounted type.
  • BNK Lineup
  • SDA-VZ Lineup

Support Unit Compatibility

Support units are bearings that support the ends of the ball screw's shaft.
These units contain angular ball bearings and provide a consistent level of highly rigid and precise rotational accuracy, even when receiving a large load in the axial direction.

  • Fixed base types: EK and EF
  • Wall-mounted types: FK and FF
  • BNK:Support Unit Compatibility
  • Wall-mounted types: FK and FF
  • SDA-VZ:Support Unit Compatibility
  • BNK:Shape of the Shaft End
  • SDA-VZ:Shape of the Shaft End

Model Number Coding

BNK:Model Number Coding SDA-VZ:Model Number Coding