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Partnership Agreement with the Chicago Cubs

THK has entered into a partnership agreement with the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball (MLB) team, and we are displaying a billboard ad at their home stadium of Wrigley Field.

Chicago Cubs THK

The Chicago Cubs

Over the team’s long history, the Cubs have been beloved and cheered on by their passionate fans at their home stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

THK established its first location outside of Japan—THK America, Inc.—in this same city in 1981, and over the more than 40 years that have passed since then, this subsidiary has contributed greatly to the advancement of industry in the United States.

By entering into a partnership agreement and displaying a billboard ad at Wrigley Field, we hope to contribute to the local community and support the success of the Chicago Cubs.

THK has previously advertised at ballparks such as the Tokyo Dome, Hanshin Koshien Stadium, and Yankee Stadium, and through this partnership, we are working towards further spreading the message of full-scale globalization as part of our growth strategy in addition to expanding our business domains.

The Chicago Cubs:
The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team belonging to the National League Central division. Established in 1871, this team has the longest record for remaining in their home city. Their home stadium of Wrigley Field, with its characteristic ivy-covered outfield walls, is the second oldest in the MLB. It had no lighting until 1988, and even now, it famously tends to host day games.

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Note) This information was originally released in Japanese on May 15, 2024.

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