Double Row Angular Contact Ring Precautions on Use


  1. Please use at least two people to move any product weighing 20 kg or more, or use a dolly or another method of conveyance.
    Otherwise, it may cause injury or damage the unit.
  2. Do not disassemble the double-row angular contact roller ring.
  3. Make sure the double-row angular contact roller ring is not dropped or subjected to any sudden impact. Otherwise, it may cause injury or damage the unit. Even if there is no outward indication of damage, a sudden impact could prevent the unit from functioning properly.
  4. Wear appropriate safety gear, such as protective gloves and safety shoes, when handling the product.

Precautions on Use

  1. Prevent foreign materials, such as cutting chips or coolant, from entering the product. Failure to do so could damage the product.
  2. Prevent foreign materials, such as cutting chips, coolant, corrosive solvents, or water from getting in the product by using a bellows or cover when the product is used in an environment where such a thing is likely
  3. Do not use this product if the external temperature exceeds 80℃. If used above this temperature, there is a risk that the resin and rubber parts may deform or become damaged.
  4. If foreign material such as cutting chips adheres to the product, replenish the lubricant after cleaning the product.
  5. Slight oscillations can inhibit the formation of an oil film between the raceways and the area of contact for the balls, resulting in fretting.
    We recommend periodically rotating the double-row angular contact roller ring several times to help ensure that a film forms on the surfaces and rolling elements.
  6. Please be aware that the double-row angular contact roller ring seals are dust seals and may be unable to prevent the ingress of very neparticles and liquids.
  7. Do not forcibly drive a pin, key, or other positioning device into the product. This could create indentations on the raceway and impair the product's function.
  8. When installing the double-row angular contact roller ring to a housing, if the inner ring is fixed, hammer the inner ring to insert it. If the outer ring is fixed, hammer the outer ring. Hammering the non-fixed side may cause damage to the unit.
  9. If the mounting material lacks sufficient rigidity or accuracy, the bearing load may be focused in one area, and bearing functionality will dramatically decrease. Therefore, consider carefully the rigidity and accuracy of the housing and base, and the strength of the securing bolts.


  1. Do not mix different lubricants. Even grease containing the same type of thickening agent may, if mixed, interact negatively due todisparate additives or other ingredients.
  2. When using the product in locations exposed to constant vibrations or in special environments such as clean rooms, vacuum and low/high temperature, use the grease appropriate for the specification/environment.
  3. Grease viscosity can vary depending on the temperature. Please keep in mind that the torque of the double-row angular contact roller ring may be affected by changes in viscosity.
  4. Since the double-row angular contact roller ring unit contains high-quality lithium soap group grease No. 2, you can start using the product without replenishing grease. However, the product requires regular lubrication, since it has a smaller internal space than ordinary roller bearings and because the rollers need frequent lubrication due to their rolling contact structure. To replenish grease, it is necessary to provide greasing holes that lead to the oil grooves formed on the inner and outer rings. Regularly resupply grease of the same group so that it is distributed throughout the interior of the bearing at least every three to six months. The final greasing interval/amount should be set at the actual machine. When the bearing is filled up with grease, the initial rotational torque temporarily increases. However, surplus grease will run off of the seals and the torque will return to a normal level after a short period of time.
  5. Excess grease may protrude from the outside edge of the double-row angular contact roller ring. The structure of peripheralcomponents will require careful consideration if contamination due to grease around the edges of the device is a concern.
  6. When planning to use a special grease or a lubricant other than grease, please contact THK.


When storing the double-row angular contact roller ring, enclose it in a package designated by THK and store it in a room in a horizontal orientation while avoiding high temperatures, low temperatures, and high humidity. Please note that if the product has been kept in storage for an extended period, the lubricant inside may have deteriorated. Please ensure that you replenish the lubricant before using.


Dispose of the product properly as industrial waste.