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Rod End Precautions on Use


  1. Do not disassemble the parts. This will result in loss of functionality.
  2. Take care not to drop or strike the Rod End. Doing so may cause injury or damage. Giving an impact to it could also cause damage to its function even if the product looks intact.
  3. When handling the product, wear protective gloves, safety shoes, etc., as necessary to ensure safety.

Precautions on Use

  1. Do not use the product in the manner that the permissible tilting angle is exceeded since doing so may damage the product.
  2. Prevent foreign material, such as cutting chips or coolant, from entering the product. Failure to do so may cause damage.
  3. The Rod End is designed for use under a radial load. Do not use the product under a thrust load.
  4. Do not use the product at temperature of 80℃ or higher.
  5. Insufficient rigidity or accuracy of mounting members causes the bearing load to concentrate on one point and the bearing performance will drop significantly. Accordingly, give sufficient consideration to the rigidity/accuracy of the housing and base and strength of the fixing bolts.


  1. All Rod End models except lubrication-free models must be lubricated before use (THK recommends lithium grease no. 2). When lubricating the Rod End, do not combine different lubricants.Mixing lubricants can cause adverse interaction between disparate additives or other ingredients. While the unit is in use, replenish the lubricant whenever necessary.
  2. When using the product in locations exposed to constant vibrations or in special environments such as clean rooms, vacuum and low/high temperature, use the grease appropriate for the specification/environment.


When storing the Rod End, enclose it in a package designated by THK and store it in a room while avoiding high temperature, low temperature and high humidity.


Dispose of the product properly as industrial waste.