Cross-Roller Guide/Ball Guide

In the Model VR, precision rollers are orthogonally aligned one after another in a roller cage that is combined with a dedicated rail having a raceway cut into a V-shape groove. When two units of the cross-roller guide are mounted in parallel, the guide system is capable of receiving loads in four directions. In addition, since the cross-roller guide can be given a preload, a clearance-free, highly rigid, and smooth slide mechanism is achieved.
The Model VB is a low-friction, high-accuracy, finite LM system consisting of precision steel balls, arranged in short pitches in a Model B ball cage, and a Model V dedicated rail.
The cross-roller guide and the ball guide are used in the slide units of various devices such as office automation equipment and peripherals, measuring instruments, printed circuit board drilling machines and other precision equipment, optic measuring machines, optic stages, handling mechanisms, and X-ray machines.