Linear Ball Slide

The linear ball slide is a highly corrosion-resistant slide unit that has an extremely low friction coefficient because stainless steel balls roll on four stainless steel needle roller raceways that are hardened and ground.
In addition, the Model LSP has a pinion gear in the center and a rack on the base to prevent the cage from slipping.
The Ball Slide with Cylinder Model LSC has a drive cylinder in the base to make the system more compact and reduce the space and the weight.
Its components are all made of highly corrosion-resistant materials. Furthermore, since its inertia is small, the slide system is highly responsive to high speeds. By simply using bolts to secure the linear ball slide on the mounting surface, the user can easily achieve a linear guide mechanism. Thus, this slide system is optimal for locations requiring high accuracy, such as optic measuring machines, automatic recorders, small electronic parts assembling machines, and office automation equipment and peripherals.