Utility Slide

UGR utility slides are used in a wide variety of applications,
including residential and office equipment.
The slim body can support large loads, enabling equipment to be compact and designed with a high degree of freedom.


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  • Compact
  • Circular-arc groove
  • High load
  • Compact
  • High load
  • Circular-arc groove
  • High load


Stable movement

The rolling guide utilizes a ball circulation system.

Easy to install

This product can be secured with bolts during installation. Mounting time is considerably reduced because clearance adjustment is unnecessary.

Compact and accommodates high loads

With a compact size of 20 mm (height) x 32 mm (width), each slider has a permissible load of 3430 N (radial direction). The quantity of sliders can be freely selected to suit the specifications, and rails can be manufactured at a maximum length of 2960 mm.

Capable of receiving a load in any direction

This product can be used in a variety of installation orientations such as horizontal, vertical, slanted, wall-mounted, and suspended.


The Utility Slide UGR is utilized in a wide variety of applications such as residential and office fixtures. The slim body can support large loads and enables compact design of machines with a high degree of design freedom.

Benefits of the Utility Slide

Comparison with a Roller Guide
Permissible load Clearance adjustment
Roller guide Permissible load is small compared to the size of the roller guide main unit. Clearance adjustment is difficult, making movement heavy and resulting in large gaps.
Utility Slide UGR Large permissible load and allows for compact designs. Clearance adjustment is unnecessary. (Adjusted: maximum radial clearance +0.05 mm)

Example Applications


Assistive Devices

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