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Página inicial > Posição do Grupo THK em relação à disseminação do novo coronavírus (Inglês)

Regarding THK group’s response to the spread of the new coronavirus and business status as of March 9th 2020


We’d like sincerely to express our sympathy to all the people who have been affected and concerned by the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

THK Group is placing the highest priority on the health and safety aspects of the customers and employees, and we are continuing to implement any possible measures to prevent the spread of infection.

There is no significant impact on our sales and manufacturing activities globally including China and Japan.

For ensuring stable supply of the products and to remove the risk of infection for customers, employees and related parties, THK will continuously strive to develop and operate environmental improvements and ensuring safety.

Contact information
For further inquiries regarding on this matter, please contact below.

TEL: +55-11-3767-0100 


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