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LM Actuator (Linear Actuator)

LM Actuator


The LM Actuator comprises an aluminium base combined with an LM Guide, a standardized top table, drive system, and so on. The free selection of main parts from a rich collection of options enables users to realize specifications optimal for particular applications.

Technical Support

LM Actuator Long-term Maintenance-free Type Model GL-N

LM Actuator Long-term Maintenance-free Type Model GL-N


Lightweight, high rigidity aluminum base with Caged Ball LM Guides has been utilized for the guide portion. A screw or belt options are available for the drive system. In addition, Caged Ball LM Guides and QZ Lubricator for the Ball Screw has been utilized to provide a long-term maintenance free actuator.

LM Actuator Model GL

LM Actuator Model GL


Model GL is a single-axis actuator that allows a ball screw drive or a belt drive to be integrated with an aluminum base on which the LM Guide model GSR is mounted.