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"Compact Series Actuadores KSF" se libera.

Marzo 03, 2017

"Compact Series Actuadores KSF" se libera.



1. Increased Rated Output of the Applicable Motors 

Ball screw shaft size was enlarged with the same compact outer rail unit. Shaft end was also enlarged which allows the use of larger size motors compared to THK actuators of the same size.
This allows high-speed, high-acceleration/deceleration operation which improves process time.

2. High speed & high acceleration/deceleration 

Larger lead of the ball screw has achieved the maximum speed of 2,500 mm/s. (×For KSF10, lead 50)
Using a larger rated output motor allows for the high-acceleration/deceleration conveyance. (Up to 2 G)

3. Long service life 

The long life of 20,000 km running life (10,000 km running life for KSF4 and KSF5 lead 10 mm) was made possible at the maximum load capacity by increasing the basic dynamic load rating of the LM guide unit and the ball screw unit.

4. Long stroke 

The larger ball screw shaft diameter has achieved long stroke operations while keeping the product compact.