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4-Way Equal Load Roller-Type LM Guide HRX

January 24, 2020

LM Guide suitable for ultra-high rigidity and ultra-heavy loads.




Feature 1: Ultra-High Rigidity and Ultra-Heavy Loads

The HRX is an LM Guide that uses rollers as a rolling element for higher rigidity. Also, compared to our existing roller products, we have extended the overall length of the LM block and increased the number of load-bearing rollers to achieve improved static load rating.

Internal structure of the HRX

Feature 2: 4-Way Equal Load

On the HRX, each row of rollers is arranged at a contact angle of 45° so that the LM block receives an equal load rating in all directions (radial, reverse radial, and horizontal directions), ensuring high rigidity in all directions.

Feature 3: LM Blocks and LM Rails Available for Individual Sale

The HRX lineup features interchangeable products that can meet specifications by freely combining LM blocks and LM rails of the same model number. See p. 15 for details.