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LM Guide Actuator with Right/Left Ball Screw KR-RL, Which Enables Symmetrical Left/Right Movements with a Single Motor

May 25, 2021

THK has begun accepting orders for the LM Guide Actuator Model KR-RL, which adopts a right/left screw for the drive element’s ball screw axis.

The Model KR-RL is a modular LM Guide actuator that combines component products (an LM Guide and ball screw) to create an even more compact design with higher rigidity and precision than its predecessor, the Model KR.

This product makes it possible to grip objects and perform open-and-close operations with a single motor by using a right/left screw simultaneously capable of both right and left drive for the ball screw axis. The principle target market includes the electronics and automotive component industries, where demand for process automation is expected. The product is optimal for applications such as the parts that move tooling in fully automated wire strippers, electric robot grippers, screw tightening machines, and dispensers. 

The Model KR-RL is available in nine sizes ranging from 15 to 65. It helps reduce device size as well as design and assembly time.

Through the development of new, original products, THK will meet the automation and labor-saving needs of the automotive, electronics, medical, and other industries, proposing solutions that will boost productivity and improve processes.



Single Axis Capable of Simultaneous Right and Left Drive

This product achieves labor savings because it is capable of performing gripping and open-and-close operations with a single motor control due to its screw shaft that provides simultaneous right and left drive.

Open and close/Grip
THK Actuator KR-RL Open and Close/Grip
Provides simultaneous right and left drive with a single motor control


Modular Structure Reduces Labor Time and Device Size

The modular Model KR-RL has fewer individual pieces than component products, which reduces assembly time for the drive element. The advantage of a single shaft capable of simultaneous right and left drive is that this single-axis modular product can be used to replace more complex component products relying on multiple axes, which helps reduce device size.

THK Actuator KR-RL Combiation of Component produts, Modular structure
Combination of component products, Modular structure


4-Way Equal Load Structure Optimal for End Effectors

The product is designed to handle loads in all four directions (radial, reverse-radial, and horizontal), making it possible to install in any mounting orientation. For instance, this actuator is optimal for the end effector of a robot arm that makes complex movements, and it has a high rigidity that can handle moments on an overhang while holding objects that are heavy or have complicated shapes.

THK Actuator KR-RL Mounting operations
Wall-mounted, Vertical, Inverted 


Extensive Lineup

Nine sizes and two block types are available to suit the application.

THK Actuator KR-RL Line up
  A type (long block), C type (short block) 



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