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Protecting Life

Reliable technologies that protect people's lives in fields from medicine to security 

There are many ways that THK can help protect lives and property. Our products can work like the eyes of doctors, the hands and feet of care staff, even the very foundations of your house. Developing technologies for such needs is one of THK's tasks.

CT scanners

THK's LM Guides are used in the control section of CT scanners  and X-ray machines that can diagnose the inside of patients' brains and bodies to assist medical staff in making accurate judgments. In addition to their rich functions, our LM Guides  offer a smooth, quiet operation that can help patients feel more at ease during diagnosis.

CT scanner

Platform doors

In Japan and elsewhere, platform doors  are installed in many new transportation systems and subway stations. It is no exaggeration to say that labor savings to transportation from automatic operation or operation without conductors are dependent on the use of these doors for passenger security. Even where space is at a premium, our LM Guides  can contribute to the smooth movement and reliable sliding operation of doors

Platform doors

Quake-absorbing technology

To protect human life and property from earthquakes, buildings and houses have long been constructed using anti-quake designs. Now, however, the quake-absorbing technology of seismic isolators  can be used instead. Such devices reduce the motion of the earthquake rather than providing resistance against it. THK's seismic isolation LM Guides can be used in all types of buildings, from skyscrapers to single-family houses, and we will continue to develop even more effective and widely applicable technology of this kind.

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