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Restoration of THK Production Division facilities

April 11, 2011

 We offer our condolences to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake. We pray for the safety of all concerned and for a rapid recovery.
 Restoration work has been underway on production facilities at our Yamagata Plant, Kofu Plant, and THK Intechs Plant, which were affected by the earthquake. As of April 1 production facilities at these plants have been fully restored. Production operations will be carried out at the Yamagata Plants in accordance with the availability of electric power. THK continues to devote all possible efforts to providing products to its customers.

No earthquake-related injuries have occurred at any THK production facility.

 Facility Operational status Transport routes   Remarks 
Yamaguchi Plant  Normal operations Normal  
Yamagata Plant  Operations have been possible thanks to the regular electric power supply and the use of THK's own generators. Normal  
Kofu Plant  Normal operations Normal

Gifu Plant  Normal operations Normal  
Mie Plant  Normal operations Normal  
THK Niigata  Normal operations Normal  
THK Intechs Mishima Plant   Normal operations Normal  
THK Intechs Sendai Plant   Normal operations Norma  
THK Rhythm  Normal operations Normal  
THK Rhythm Kyushu  Normal operations Normal  

Updated April 11, 2011

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