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Cutting Apparatus

Horizontal Press-fitting Device


Model No. PC / USW Model No. PC / KRF Model No. KRF / USW

The cleavage by punching using an electric press PC. By you are using a PC short overall length, the height of the equipment will be lower.

By performing the simultaneous injection in the horizontal, man-hours of work inversion is reduced and productivity is improved. PC is kept to a minimum unit width in the horizontal installation short overall length. KRF and USW are used for the dispenser. Even application is possible with smooth operation.
Coating Apparatus Sealing Apparatus  

Model No. KRF Model No.KRF  
 KRF is used for the coating apparatus.High rigidity suppresses vibration during paint application, allowing for an even application.  Applies sealant to the coating (painted) surface of the work. The high rigidity of KRF makes it is possible to suppress vibration at the nozzle tip, thereby improving productivity.