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Enriching Life

More happiness, more convenience.
THK products can be found in places you'd never expect.

If you look closely around during your daily life, you may discover that our products are helping you in places and ways you'd never imagined. Using technology to make your life more convenient and enjoyable is another of THK's missions.

Barrier-free, electronic system kitchens

THK's technologies help you to use the kitchen with improved convenience but providing additional functionality. Our LM Guides  are used in rigid smoothly operating sliding shelf units and in the sliding sections of barrier-free system kitchens . A flexible approach has allowed us to apply our advanced technology, acquired in medical institutions and semiconductor manufacturing, into home appliances, enhancing daily life.

Barrier-free system kitchens

Automatic doors

For needs of safety and reliability, automatic doors  used for apartment buildings often result in a uniform exterior design. However, our compact high-performance LM Guides  allow the use of a variety distinctive automatic doors styles.

Automatic doors

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