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Coexisting with Earth

As a corporate member of planet Earth, THK considers good environmental practices essential in the use of this limited resource.  

To conduct business activities on the world stage, we consider that our management, technological development and manufacturing must be mindful  of the effects on the earth, nature and the environment. We believe that THK must play an important role in the development of environmentally friendly products and activities that will protect the future.

Environmental protection

As a business in the 21st century, we consider that focusing on environmental concerns is vital. We adhere to two basic concepts regarding environment protection . The first is the development of our business policy to save energy in production, by recycling products and suitable waste disposal in our manufacturing and business activities. We are undertaking various activities for environmental protection in all our plants. The second is the development of products that can themselves contribute to the protection of the environment . The technical innovation of rolling contact utilized in our LM Guides , for example, can save great amounts of energy when employed in the guidance system of any machine.

Environment Protection

Large optical / infrared telescope

The Subaru telescope is a large optical / infrared telescope , that stands at the summit of the 4200 metre high Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii. Here, at the highest astronomical observatory in the world, our LM Guides  are used.

A large optical and infrared telescope

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