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Airplane Sheet


The aerospace industry demands high performance systems in unusual environments. THK's products developed for use in vacuums and other special operating environments are used in manufacturing equipment from spacecraft bodies to spacecraft seat mechanisms. The various problems that arise in the process of such special technological development can also often be provided by THK products.

Seat sliding mechanisms

LM Guide Model SR are used in the seat sliding mechanism of small aircraft. Because the floors in aircraft are generally made from sheet metal, measuring errors relating to mounting sections are common, and mounting can be a lengthy process. Because Model SR have excellent error absorbing capabilities, they can be mounted directly on the floor of aircraft, reducing the work required for assembly. In addition, THK's Miniature LM Guide Model RSR move smoothly and without play but are compact enough to use in seat footrests.

Products used


LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide)

The LM Guide (Linear Motion Guide) is our main product, which incorporates a component with a linear rolling motion into practical use for the first time in the world.

Ball Screw

Ball Screw

The Ball Screw is a high-efficiency feed screw with the ball making a rolling motion between the screw axis and the nut.