Amount of Lubricant

If the amount of the lubricant to the Ball Screw is insufficient, it may cause a lubrication breakdown, and if it is excessive, it may generate heat and increase resistance. It is necessary to select an amount that meets the conditions.


The feed amount of grease is generally approximately one third of the spatial volume inside the nut. For details on feed amount of grease, contact THK.


Table 1 shows a guideline for the feed amount of oil. Note, that the amount varies according to the stroke, the oil type and the conditions (e.g., suppressed heat generation).

Table1 Guideline for the Feed Amount of Oil (Interval: 3 minutes)
Shaft diameter (mm) Amount of lubricant (cc)
4 to 8 0.03
10 to 14 0.05
15 to 18 0.07
20 to 25 0.1
28 to 32 0.15
36 to 40 0.25
45 to 50 0.3
55 to 63 0.4
70 to 100 0.5

Mounting Procedure and Maintenance