Mounting Section

Establish perpendicularity between the studmounting hole and the mounting surface, and chamfer the mouth of the hole to the smallestpossible radius, preferably C0.5. Also, the diameter of the mounting surface should preferably be at least equal to the dimension "f" indicated in the specification table.
If the outer ring unilaterally or unevenly contacts the mating raceway, we recommend using model CF-R, whose outer ring circumference is spherically ground.

Mating Raceway

For the material of the mating raceway, see Track Load Capacity on Track Load Capacity .

Mounting Precausions

Do not tap the bracket and directly tighten the product without using a nut as shown in Fig.1.
Doing so may result in an insufficient tightening torque, or cause the bending stress to concentrate in the male thread and damage the stud if the thread is loosened.

Mounting model CF-SFU

Refer to Fig.2 for information on how to mount CF-SFU models. To the extent that CF-SFU models are designed for easy mounting and are therefore easy to remove, they are not suitable for uses where the loads applied are vibrating or involve impacts.For vibrating or impact loads, a normal cam follower secured by a nut is recommended.

Point of Design