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THK Manufacturing of America, Inc.

Our team is a world leader in Linear Motion. We manufacture, assemble, and ship all over North America from our location in Hebron, Ohio.

Made in USA Lineups

Global Standard Size LM Guide “HSR”

Optimal for any orientation

4-way Equal Load
High Rigidity Type
Self-Adjustment Capacity
High Durability
Stainless Steel Type also Available

Caged Ball Global Standard Size “SHS”

Optimal for any orientation

4-way Equal Load
High Rigidity Type
Self-Adjustment Capacity
Global Standard Size

Caged Ball LM Guide Miniature Type “SRS”

Suited for compact

Low Dust Generation
Low Noise

Caged Ball LM Guide Radial Type “SSR”

Optimal for Vertical guide units

Compact Radial Type
Superb Planar Running Accuracy
Self-Adjustment Capatoability
Stainless Steel Type also Available

LM Guide Actuator Model “KR”

Optimal for compact designs

Ball Screw Type
4-Way Equal load
High Rigidity
High Accuracy
Space Saving
Dust Prevention Seals

LM Guide Actuator Model “GL-N”

Cost Effective, Long-Term Maintenance Free Actuator

Ball Screw and Belt Types Available
Lightweight compared to Steel base
High Rigidity Aluminum Base
Short delivery time
LM Guide Model SSR or SHS

Long Stroke Actuator “RK”

Suitable for robot transfer units

Rack & Pinion Drive
High Speed, Long Stroke
Robot Interface Available
Cage-ball LM Guide

LM Guide Actuator “TY”

Optimal for high speed and long stroke

Maximum Storke of 4749 mm
Long Service Life
Long-term Maintenance Free
LM Guide Model SHS

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Mechatronics Custom Assembly Service

About THK

THK’s creative ideas and unique technology made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide mechanism.
Today, our LM Guides, Ball Screws, Ball Splines, Cross Roller Rings and Actuators are indispensable components of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide variety of industries.

Exhibit products

Mobile Guidebook

Mechanical Components

Revolutionary machinery products to support various robotic applications.

Online service

An IoT Service for Manufacturing “OMNIedge”

OMNIedge is a new service offered by THK that enables predictive failure detection.
It works by installing sensors on existing components to monitor their damage and lubrication status, then collecting data to analyze and provide alerts.


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Caged Technology
THK BNS ball screw slide
LM Guide Actuator

Technical support site

The THK Technical Support Site is a web service for registered members that provides abundant content ranging from catalogs to CAD data, product FAQs, and technical documents. It is equipped with tools to help people involved in designing machinery and robots choose the optimal model number and calculate service life.

Catalog Center

You can view and download the latest catalogs and instruction manuals. It also allows you to browse by product category or search by model number or product name. Nine languages are supported, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and German.


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