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Changing the Way We Manufacture

We supply products that support the latest industry technologies. 

To produce state-of-the-art products all over the world, it is necessary to use high-quality equipment in the manufacturing lines. One of THK's tasks is to meet this need in manufacturing and continue to raise our product quality to even higher levels.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The equipment that manufactures semiconductor chips , which are what you might call the "brains" of IT related products, requires both high precision in chip processing and high productivity in chip manufacturing. Because semiconductor chips are very small in size, the manufacturing equipment must control device movement in the order of one 10,000th of a millimetre. To implement technology which can exercise this control securely, THK's Miniature LM guides , Miniature Ball Screws and other products are used.

Semiconductor chip

Electronic part mounters and industrial robot transport systems

Cell phones, digital cameras and other devices all use electric circuit boards. The electronic part mounter  that mounts ICs and other electronics on those boards uses our LM Guides  for tool guidance in micron order and in units of seconds. On the other hand, industrial robots, conveyance systems and other large manufacturing machines also use our LM guides in their guidance section. THK's technologies can be found in a wide range of manufacturing fields.

THK's products are used in various industries. For typical application examples of other THK products, click "Applications by industry".  

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