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Adaptive Series with Robot Hand and Clamping Unit

As a pioneer in the automation industry, THK is introducing an adaptive robot hand and clamp series that sets new standards in its ability to precisely grip a wide range of workpieces with different shapes and sizes. This innovation promises to significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of production lines.

Adaptive Series with Robot Hand and Clamping Unit

Illustration 1 Adaptive robot hand with bellows suction pads and adaptive clamping unit

The adaptive series TNH includes the adaptive robot hand that sucks workpieces with 12 bellows suction pads and a built-in throttle valve, and the adaptive clamp unit, which is arranged in pairs and can also hold workpieces of different shapes. The strength of the TNH series is that there is no need to change hands for each workpiece, and even complex-shaped workpieces can be stably picked up or gripped with a single adaptive hand, and the robot can transport and position the workpiece in the same orientation in which it picked it up. In addition, the hand itself is small and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting on collaborative robots and industrial robots. The mounting flange of the adaptive robot hand can be installed directly on robots that comply with the corresponding industrial robot or service robot standard ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6.

Applications of the Adaptive Hand

Illustration 2 Applications for the adaptive hand

Applications of the Adaptive Clamping Unit

Illustration 3 Applications for the adaptive clamping unit

Workpieces that the TNH adaptive series can handle come in a wide variety of types and shapes, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household goods, bags, mechanical parts, plastic products, pressed sheets, castings, ceramics, etc.

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