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THK on Trade Fair “Railway Interiors Expo 2017” in Prague

November 13, 2017

THK introduces a prototype of “Smart Sensing Chair” on “Railway Interiors Expo 2017” (Prague, 14-15 November 2017). This chair is equipped by a smart sensors system that analyses a health condition of the sitting person e.g. respiratory rates, heart rates, stress level, and measure surrounding air parameters. The information can be then displayed on a monitor or on the personal cloud.



  • Simple design of transparent acrylic with a blue seat.
  • Seat equipped with sensors to measure body movement and take readings of the surrounding environment.
  • THK's Model FBL56H+305LS slide rails are built into the seat, enabling sensor installation.

Smart Sensing Chair System

  • A body motion sensor installed in the chair measures one’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and stress levels
  • Data can be saved and reviewed with a cloud environment.


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