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Techno Center


THK's product development themes are formulated based on our unique technology roadmap and the substantial data on user needs that we have collected in our position as the top manufacturer in the industry. We develop new products by maximizing the accumulated experience and know-how of our developers.
THK's R&D department is based in the Techno Center established in Tokyo in 2005, and has R&D bases in Yamanashi, Yamaguchi and Yamagata cities in Japan. In all, approximately 150 employees work in research and development. The Engineering and Development Department plays a central role in product development, and our project-oriented development system is making product development speedier than ever. New organizations, such as Business Development Department, have also been formulated to help with product development and expansion into new fields.
Since 2005, our Techno center has employed the slogan "making products that move people." Based on the key ideas of "large-scaling," "micro-fabrication" and "attenuation of mechanical vibrations," we will promote the development of next-generation products designed to meet the requirements of a market five or even ten years into the future, including needs that customers do not yet recognize.
We will also expand our product line-up to satisfy our customers' current needs. In addition, as we continue to refine and develop our global manufacturing and sales systems, we will expand our product development systems in appropriate places including the United States, Europe and Asia, so that we can respond even more effectively to customer needs.