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Various mechatronics products using THK linear guide products.

Technical Support



LM Actuator Model GL-N



Lightweight, high rigidity aluminum base with Caged Ball LM Guides has been utilized for the guide portion. A screw or belt options are available for the drive system. In addition, Caged Ball LM Guides and QZ Lubricator for the Ball Screw has been utilized to provide a long-term maintenance free actuator.

Low Price Actuator VLA

Low Cost Actuator VLA


Simple Design, Low Cost
Simple Control Method
Durability & Long Term Maintenance Free
Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient
Contamination from lubricants, exhaust will be eliminated. High performance, High Productivity
Universal, Flexible

Rod Actuator CRES

Rod Actuator CRES


COMPACT All actuator components are concealed
RIGID Splash-Proof construction, complies with IP55 standard
ECONOMICAL Low cost, simple structure due to the use fewer components
STYLISH Streamlined, corner-free design