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THK Integrated Report (Annual Report/Sustainability Report)

The former Sustainability Report and Annual Report will be published as the Integrated Report with the goal of reporting on medium-to long-term value creation from both financial and nonfinancial perspectives.

THK Integrated Report2023

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Index Contents
Basic Sustainability Policy

Basic Sustainability Policy

Message from the CEO

Striving to Co-Create Value for Industry as a Manufacturing and Innovative Services Company
Akihiro Teramachi
President and CEO

THK’s History

THK’s History

THK by the Numbers

THK by the Numbers

TCFD Disclosure

TCFD Disclosure

Value Creation

Value Creation

Strengthening the Value Chain

Strengthening the Value Chain

How THK Connects with Stakeholders

How THK Connects with Stakeholders

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Sustainability Promotion Structure
Sustainability Promotion Subcommittee
Chairman’s Comment
Material Issues

Growth Strategies to Expand Business Domains

Full-Scale Globalization
Development of New Business Areas
Change in Business Style

Management Targets

Medium- to Long-Term Market Expansion
Management Targets (2026)
Initiatives to Achieve Targets
Investments for Sustained Growth and Shareholder Returns

Our Business: Industrial Machinery Business

Providing Customers with Reliable Products and Services
Takashi Teramachi
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Senior General Manager of Industrial Machinery Headquarters

Our Business: Automotive and Transportation Business

Strengthening Development of New Products That Meet Social Needs
Nobuyuki Maki
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Senior General Manager of Automotive & Transportation Headquarters

DX Promotion and Planning

Omni THK
Talent Development: Data Utilization Training
Production Automation

Outside Director Interview

Masakatsu Hioki
Outside Director


・Principal Risks and THK’s Response
・Intellectual Property
・Risk Management Structure
・Information Security
・BCP (Business Continuity Plan)
・Directors and Executive Officers

Involvement in Society

・Procurement: Suppliers
・Quality Assurance: Trust, Reliability, and Safety
・Health and Safety
・Together with Our Shareholders
・Supporting Development
・Human Rights

Harmony with the Environment

・Working toward Carbon Neutrality
・Environmental Activities

Data Section

・Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
・Consolidated financial statements
・Subsidiaries & Affiliate
・Corporate Data

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