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Annual Report


Annual Report2016

Complete Document (38pages)
e-book   PDF (6.75MB)


THK's History (2pages)
e-book   PDF (559KB)

Value Creation (2pages)
e-book   PDF (613KB)

Three Key Characteristics and Strategies (2pages)
e-book   PDF (2.3MB)

Financial and Non-Financial Highlights (2pages)

e-book   PDF (460KB)

To Our Stakeholders (4pages)
e-book   PDF (1.28MB)

Activities to Foster Medium-to Long-Term Growth (4pages)
e-book   PDF (986KB)

Research and Development (2pages)
e-book   PDF (745KB)

THK's Products (4pages)
e-book   PDF (1.59MB)

Review by Geographic Region (3pages)
e-book   PDF (487KB)

THK's Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (1pages)
e-book   PDF (530KB)

Management Base (7pages)
e-book   PDF (987KB)

Subsidiaries & Affiliate (1pages)
e-book   PDF (443KB)

Corporate Data (1pages)
e-book   PDF (445KB)

Financial Section (54pages)
e-book   PDF (1.68MB)

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