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Since our founding in 1971, the world’s first LM Guide and other products developed by THK have contributed to the development of industry by enabling machines to achieve high precision, speed, and rigidity while also extending service life. The name THK is an acronym of the things we promise to our customers: Toughness (the delivery of tough and durable products), High Quality (the delivery of products of the best quality in the world), and Know-how (contributions to the development of new expertise). These values are our brand, and every single employee holds them dearly.

As a company focused on creation and development, in accordance with our corporate philosophy of providing innovative products to the world and generating new trends to contribute to the creation of an affluent society, we have expanded our business domains through the three main pillars of our growth strategy: expanding our geographical range through full-scale globalization; purposefully expanding our domains through the development of new business areas; and fully utilizing AI, IoT, robots, and other technologies in a variety of ways through a change in business style. Furthermore, while moving forward with these strategies, we are transitioning into a manufacturing and innovative services company that goes beyond simply creating things, expanding our business to include services from before to after the sale and genuinely contributing to our customers’ operations.

As we enter into a time when the business environment changes rapidly, we will move forward with various initiatives to achieve medium- to long-term corporate growth and the creation of a sustainable society, and in doing so, satisfy the expectations and trust of our stakeholders.

We look forward to your continuous support and encouragement in the coming years.


Chairman and CEO Akihiro Teramachi

President and COO Takashi Teramachi


Management Principles

Providing innovative products to the world and generating new trends to contribute to the creation of an affluent society.