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Utility Slide ATG Available for Order

June 22, 2021

THK has begun accepting orders for the Utility Slide ATG, a new product with a high load capacity and superior durability designed for logistics and railways.

The ATG is a telescopic slide rail with an inner and outer rail that expand and collapse. This product features a high load capacity, superior durability, and two rows of balls that enable smooth, stable movement. It can also be mounted with an ease unique to slide rails.

Conventional slide rails have been widely adopted in the sliding portions of various types of office machinery, such as ATMs and vending machines. However, due to the high demand for greater improvements in load capacities and durability, there has been an increasing need for a utility-grade, hybrid product like the ATG that combines the benefits of a slide rail and LM Guide.

Achieving high load capacity and durability, the ATG is aimed at adoption in logistics and railway fields, where utility grade is required. This product is anticipated to be in demand particularly for the container-fetching mechanisms of transfer shuttles in automated warehouses, open-and-close mechanisms of railway vehicle doors and sliding mechanisms of aircraft passenger seats.


Example Uses of the Utility Slide ATG

Utility Slide ATG example uses

Transfer shuttles in automated warehouses, Railway vehicle doors, Aircraft passenger seats, Storage space for railway vehicle maintenance

In order to accelerate the development of new business areas, which is one of its growth strategies, THK will refine the proprietary core linear motion system technology and extensive expertise it has cultivated in order to expand the use of its products in logistics, railway, and other consumer fields and provide optimal solutions for the challenges these industries face.

Special Features of the ATG

High Load Capacity and Durability

Formed out of U-shaped drawn material with heat-treated raceways for increased strength, this product achieves a greater load capacity and durability than general slide rails.


Smooth Movement

The use of ball cages (retainers) keeps the rows of balls in alignment to maintain smooth movement in the sliding portion. In addition, the balls contact the raceways at two points (a circular arc structure), which prevents ball misalignment* at the stroke end.
* If ball misalignment occurs, it must be fixed by applying more force than normal in the direction it is being pulled.


Easy to Mount

Mounting is hassle-free and does not require the presence of specialized engineers. This helps reduce the time and volume of labor at the customer site.



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