Usage Example

Electronic Component Assembly Process

Usage Example

Coordinate operation with a push-up pin to help pick up chips from wafers!

Use multiple stacked axes to increase speed!

Check the suction position on the product using a camera and adjust the angle of rotation!

Stop operations instantly when contact is made with delicate workpieces!

Maintain a fixed pressing force when bonding the workpiece!

The PPR Pick and Place Robot provides the best solutions to worksite problems. PPR solves a variety of issues, such as stabilizing quality and reducing cycle time.

Problem!I want to reduce workpiece damage

I want to reduce workpiece damage and aim for zero defects!
Workpieces have gotten progressively more delicate, so it is difficult to improve production speed without causing damage.

Solution!Reduces workpiece damage

Uses load control with high-resolution force sensors to quickly stop the moment the suction nozzle contacts the workpiece.
This prevents impacts to the workpiece, reducing damage!

Problem!I want to eliminate cycle downtime

I want to optimize the cycle time and improve productivity!
If acquisition of sensor information and motor control are managed by the host, this causes several milliseconds of downtime.

Solution!Shortens cycle time

Has integrated control of the various sensors, air devices, and drives required for pick and place operations.
This reduces the number of communications with the host, contributing to a shortened cycle time!

Problem!I want to aim for stable quality

I want to visualize processes to stabilize quality!
Mounting many sensors results in larger equipment, and you cannot maintain a short cycle time.

Solution!Visualizes pick and place processes

Achieves visualization of various sensors for force, flow rate, pressure, temperature, etc.
This makes it possible to find the source of problems, which helps achieve stable quality!

Reduced workpiece damage

The force sensor provides instantaneous contact stop

THK's unique sensing technology detects minute forces when the workpiece comes into contact with the nozzle, which has conventionally been difficult.
The feedback control makes it possible to achieve both high-speed operation and reduced workpiece damage.
* Force sensor resolution: 0.01 N

Reduced workpiece damage

Reduced cycle time

The integrated control system reduces time loss

The PPR enables sequence control with each motor and sensor integrated.
Compared to conventional PLC-based control, the number of communications is reduced and time loss is minimized.

Reduced cycle time

Visualizes the pick and place process

Setting/monitoring software "T-ACT"

Obtaining waveforms by monitor function
[ Obtaining waveforms by monitor function ]

All sensor information can be monitored in waveform, including the force, pressure, flow rate, and position sensors.
The information is displayed for each pick-and-place cycle.
* CSV output is also available

Error logging function
[ Error logging function ]

Sensor information can be logged when an alarm occurs or at a specified timing.
Data at a sampling cycle of 0.1 ms can be acquired for a 10-second period.
* Data 8 seconds before and 2 seconds after alarm

Product Overview

The PPR not only supports linear and rotary operation but also has pneumatic devices and various sensors built in.
The all-in-one robot combines all elements needed for optimized pick and place applications.

Product Overview


  • Will be exhibited at Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (October 7 to 9, 2020; Osaka)

  • The Japanese versions of the product catalog and instruction manual can now be downloaded from our website.

  • Special page launched.

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