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High-Load Ball Screw for Presses New HBN-P

April 13, 2020

The HBN-P is a ball screw designed for use in press machines. The permissible load has been increased compared to the conventional HBN and HBN-K.



For availability please contact your local THK dealer.

Approximately doubles the permissible load. Reduces equipment size.

Increases the permissible load to approximately double that of the conventional HBN and HBN-K.
Features a high permissible load so it can be used with a smaller shaft diameter than the HBN and HBN-K. As a result, peripheral components and therefore the machine itself can remain compact.

The Permissible Load comparison with HBN and HBN-K



Ball Screw Nut External Diameter Comparison

Conventional HBN-K For Presses HBN-P
HBN10020K-7.5 HBN6320P-7.5
Nut outer diameter:φ154mm Nut outer diameter:φ117mm
Permissible load:295kN Permissible load:332kN



  • Model HBN-P   Lineup of products with screw shaft outer diameter of φ40 and 63
  • Model HBN-KP Lineup of products with screw shaft outer diameter of φ80, 100, 120, and 140


Screw shaft outer diameter

12 20 25 40
φ40 HBN4012P      
φ63   HBN6320P    
φ80   HBN8020KP    
φ100   HBN10020KP   HBN10040KP
φ120     HBN12025KP  
φ140       HBN14040KP