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Supporting Society

With our products, we contribute to the improvement of infrastructure and more efficient expansion of industry.

Using our unique technologies to help support and create new value in infrastructure areas such as information technology (IT), transportation, civil engineering and construction, and even in people's dietary lives and urban functions is part of THK's business.

Telecommunications infrastructure

Telecommunications infrastructure can be considered the nerve system that controls modern society. Improving the reliability of optical fiber communications networks is a very important task. A combination of LM Guides, Ball Screws and other THK products is used in optical fiber inspection machines to allow accurate inspection.


Optical fiber


Shield machines (excavators)

In urban areas where space above ground is almost completely utilized, it is necessary to maintain the transportation network under ground. Shield machines (excavators) take an active part in the boring of tunnels. Our LM Guides are used in the robots that carry out concrete for the shield machine and install required tools accurately.


Shield machines (excavators)


Multilevel car parking towers and rice planting machines

THK's technologies appear in various areas that support society, from multilevel car parking towers in our cities to rice planting machines that improve agricultural productivity in rural areas.

rice planting machines


We believe that our activities are helpful to the whole of society. Please take a moment to look at some examples of how THK's products are applied from the viewpoint of "Motion".


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