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Research & Development

Techno Center


Guided by the corporate philosophy of providing innovative products to the world and generating new trends to contribute to the creation of an affluent society, THK continually strives to create original products as a company focused on creation and development.

A Global R&D System for the Next Generation

THK is endeavoring to use its core linear motion system technology and expertise to develop its mainstay linear motion systems, mechatronic devices such as XY precision stages and linear motor actuators, and products in the consumer goods-related fields of automotive parts, seismic isolation and damping systems, medical equipment, aircraft, robotics, and renewable energy at its centers for R&D: The Technology Center and the new headquarters established in October 2017 in Tokyo. In 2010, the THK Group established the R&D Center in China.

This facility, which was THK’s first R&D facility outside of Japan, began full operation in 2012. With the addition of THK RHYTHM AUTOMOTIVE’s German R&D facility in 2015, the THK Group is on its way to building R&D structures oriented toward the Americas, Europe, and Asia in order to more accurately meet the needs of customers around the world.