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IR Department Contact and FAQ

IR Department Contact

Investor Relations
2-12-10 Shibaura, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 108-8506

TEL : +81 3-5730-3906
FAX : +81 3-5730-3915
E-mail : THK-IR@thk.co.jp


When was the company founded?
Toho Seiko CO., LTD., the direct ancestor of the present company, was incorporated on April 10, 1971 and renamed THK CO., LTD. in January 1984. "THK," used partly in the company name and brand name, is named as the company's product concept of
"T" as Toughness, "H" as High Quality, and "K" as Know-how.
Where is the THK stock listed?
The THK stock is listed on Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
When are THK's accounts closed? When is a general meeting of shareholders held?
The accounts of THK are closed on December 31 every year. An annual general meeting of shareholders is held in March every year.
How to exercise voting rights at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders?
We send a notice of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders and a proxy statement to each of the shareholders recorded in our shareholder list as of the end of the record date for such meeting. A voting right can be exercised by sending a proxy letter to the company or by carrying a proxy letter to the ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

It is THK's policy to reflect the opinions of as many shareholders as practicable at a general meeting. Based on this policy, we are making various efforts to increase the number of shares for which voting rights are actually exercised. One of these efforts is publishing the excerpt translation notice of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders to foreign shareholders requiring more time for information communication so that they will not be disadvantaged as compared with domestic shareholders.
Which financial institution is the transfer agent?
Mitsubishi UFJ trust and Banking Corporation is the transfer agent for THK. The handling office is the stock transfer agency section of the bank. The main office and each branch office accept applications for transfer registration as a contact office.
There is no transfer registration fee.
Requests for purchase of fractional shares, mailing, and telephone inquiries should be addressed to:
7-10-11, Higashisuna Koto-ku, Tokyo 137-8081
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
Corporate Agency Division
Phone: 81-0120-232-711
How to obtain the most updated information regarding THK?
Pursuant to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Timely Disclosure Regulations, THK discloses all material information that affects investments on TDnet provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For a better understanding of THK, it is recommended that you refer to this home page , as well as Integrated Report (Annual Report/Sustainability Report) .