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Point of Selection Selection flow based on function conditions

The following flowchart can be used as reference for selecting an LM Guide.

  1. 1

    Setting Conditions

    Set conditions necessary for designing load on the LM Guide.

    • Mounting orientation
    • Symbol for number of axes
  2. 2

    Selecting a Type

    Select a type that meets the conditions and temporarily decide a rough size.

  3. 3

    Calculating the Applied Load

    Calculate the applied load on the LM block.

    • Calculating the applied load
    • Load rating of the LM Guide in all directions
  4. 4

    Calculating the Equivalent Load

    Convert the load applied on each LM block
    in each direction into an equivalent load.

  5. 5

    Calculating the Static Safety Factor

    Obtain the value of static safety factor from the basic static load rating and the maximum applied load.

  6. 6

    Calculating the Average Load

    Average the applied load, which fluctuates during operation, to convert the value to an averag

  7. 7

    Calculating the Nominal Life

    Calculate the the distance traveled based on the nominal life equation.

  8. 8

    Selection According to the Environment

    • Contamination Protection
    • Lubrication Type of lubricant, lubrication method
    • Corrosion Prevention Material, surface treatment
  9. Selection Completed