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Other manufacturing Industries

THK's linear motion systems are also used in special processing and machining devices quite different from machine tools, industrial robots and other general-purpose manufacturing equipment. We can supply solutions to meet the equipment specifications for any special purpose.

Dyeing machines

A dyeing machine transfers material into a dyeing tank during the dyeing process for fastener cloth. Instead of the conventional Cam Followers, LM guide Model JR are used in the guide for horizontal cloth movement to reduce the machine's play and vibrations. Caged Ball LM Guides are also used in the vertical axis for cloth transfer into the dyeing tank.

Dyeing machines


Stone cutters

Our Caged Ball LM Guides are used in the X, Y and Z-axis guides of stone cutters that cut stones gradually using grinders. Flying water and stone particles make the operating environment severe, but with Lubricatior QZ and Laminated Contact Scraper LaCS, LM Guides can be effectively used even under these conditions.

Foam polystyrene processing machines for casting

A machine that processes foam polystyrene for casting, as a substitute for wood. Caged Ball LM Guide Model SHS are used in the X, Y and Z-axis guide of the processing machine, and rolling Ball Screws are used in the driving section of these machines. The X-axis stroke of those machines can reach 9050 mm. When Model SHS are used, the machine's rolling variation is reduced and the contour accuracy of casting is improved. In addition, Lubricator QZ allows long-term maintenance-free operation with reduced piping.