Strengthening Customer Support

THK’s Sales Approach

The THK company name incorporates three principles: Toughness (tough, durable products), High Quality (the world’s top-quality products), and Know-how (expertise for our customers). Under these principles, we conduct our daily sales activities with a customer-focused approach where we think, act, and verify results from the customer’s perspective. THK has established an integrated production and sales structure with 118 sales offices and 35 production facilities close to centers of demand in order to produce and sell locally in four regions: Japan, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We have also established an e-commerce website, Omni THK, which enables customers to purchase products in regions without any THK sales offices. Furthermore, we ran booths at 21 exhibitions in Japan and 34 overseas in 2018 to introduce more customers to our products. Besides participating in exhibitions, we also occasionally hold private shows and technical seminars as venues to explain our offerings directly to customers.

Activities and Results

Technical Seminars

In May 2018, we began holding technical seminars to introduce many more customers to THK. The curriculum allows participants to experience our products up close, including a tour of our new showroom* and a viewing of the seismic isolation system installed beneath our new headquarters established in October 2017. Many customers signed up for the seminars, with over 300 people participating over the course of 15 sessions held at our headquarters and five other sales offices.

Members from administrative and engineering departments exchanged ideas to come up with the structure of the seminar, and actual participants commented that the contents were informative and very easy to understand.

We will continue to develop strategies to improve our technical seminars, such as developing a curriculum focused on products with high demand from participants and holding local seminars to reach customers in distant regions.

Technical seminar

THK Receives the New Energy Foundation Chairman’s Award

The New Energy Foundation grants the New Energy Award for new products and activities to promote the introduction, widespread use, and understanding of new energy in society. In recognition of its significant role as a product promoting the widespread use of new energy, THK’s Model WLS Low-Torque Shaft Unit for Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines received the Chairman’s Award in the category of goods and services in 2018.

The WLS is a high-intensity, high-efficiency, and low-torque bearing unit that combines the shaft, bearings, and housings that form a small vertical-axis wind turbine. The bearings have a new design developed specifically for vertical-axis wind turbines. Their significantly lower torque enables the turbine to activate in slight breezes and has improved the efficiency of power generation. Furthermore, every component has been optimized, from critical items such as the shaft to individual screws. This product provides sufficient strength and durability and guarantees a high level of safety, conforming to IEC 61400-2 international standards for wind turbines and Japan’s JSWTA 0001 standards.

The WLS is provided as a complete unit that meets the requirements for complex processes that have proven difficult for conventional wind turbine manufacturers, such as rotary machine component design, bearing assembly precision control, and preload adjustments. The award was granted in recognition of the reduced labor hours and significant performance boost for wind turbines that turbine manufacturers can expect as end users of the WLS, in addition to the WLS’s potential for further development, including in markets outside of Japan.

The award-winning WLS